UPS and the State of Wisconsin have not extended our shipping contract, which means we are being charged higher shipping costs than normal. Some of you are experiencing extremely high shipping costs on our cheese boxes and I am sorry for that. Please reach out via email and I will work to get you the best rate I can find. Currently, trying to compare FedEx, USPS and UPS. I understand, this has come at the worst time possible and for that, I apologize.

Thanks for understanding,
Kari Backes
Store Manager

Ice Cream

Feature Flavors

Feature flavors typically last in our store for 4-6 weeks. Some of these flavors are only made once,
some are seasonal returning yearly, and some are made for specific events. Stop in and get them while the last!

Our Super Premium, Sherbet, and Greek Frozen Yogurt and lactose free flavors are made with plant based stabilizer.


Standard Flavors

Super Premium Flavors

Our Super Premium, Sherbet and Greek Frozen Yogurt flavors are made with a plant based stabilizer.