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What Your Favorite Babcock Ice Cream Flavor Says About You

Your favorite flavor of Babcock ice cream says more about you than you might think. Find out what your favorite says about you!

Vanilla // Chocolate

You’re not plain — you are refined and you know what you like. You stick to the classics and everyone respects you for it.

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough // Orange Custard Chocolate Chip

You’re spontaneous, but predictable. When you ask your friends to do something crazy, they see it coming a mile away.

Blue Moon // Strawberry

Just like the bright color of this ice cream, you stand out in a room. You’re bubbly, fun and definitely sweet.

Chocolate Chip // Cookies and Cream

You want the best of both worlds, and you make it happen. You’re determined but spunky and loved by everyone.

Mnookie Dough // Union Utopia

You have something for everyone — you’re kind, smart and funny. Who wouldn’t love you with that kind of combination?

Mocha Macchiato // Thanks a Latte

We get it, you like coffee. Although you try to make coffee your main personality trait, we all know you add a little pep into everyone’s lives.

Caramel Creek // Salted Caramel Toffee

You are the perfect amount of sweet and salty. You know when to stand up for yourself and others, and you are extremely loyal to the people you love.

Badger Blast // Chocolate Peanut Butter

You seem serious on the outside, but once you open up you’re a total teddy bear. You can get really deep and are great to talk to.

Blueberry Swirl // Peaches and Cream

You are sweet to your core. You are the friend everyone wants and needs — you have a huge heart and always know how to help.

So, were we right? Stop by the store and tell us — and grab a scoop of your favorite ice cream, of course.