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the magic behind the making

Ever wonder how we whip together our perfectly creamy delicious ice cream? Well, here is your chance to learn the secret formula to make our Babcock ice cream.

How to make our unique Babcock ice cream step by step

Step 1

Fresh milk, from our local Wisconsin cows, is dumped into a special machine where it is tossed and turned around. The machine separates the milk’s thick cream from its skim milk into two compartments.

Step 2

The cream and skim milk are married back together with the addition of sugar, nonfat dry milk powder, and a milk stabilizer. These are mixed and pasteurized, making them safe to eat, and create a plain ice cream base.

Step 3

The ice cream base is poured in to another machine and is mixed around with a specific flavor like cookie dough or our favorite classic orange custard. Once combined a new uniquely flavored ice cream mix is born.

Step 4

The special flavored mixes are pumped into an ice cream freezer with a freezing cold barrel on the inside. As the mix begins to freeze and form crystals a small blade spins around and scrapes them off the walls.

Step 5

Think about the consistency of soft serve ice cream. Then think about one thick and frozen step after soft serve. At that stage is when the ice cream finally get released from the machine and is ready to be boxed up.

Step 6

The true magic happens in step six where the swirls, chips, and other goodness are added in. With luxurious chocolate and sticky sweet caramel, you cannot go wrong with any inclusions to the ice cream.

Step 7

The finishing touch after mixing and matching flavors and swirls is when the ice cream is placed into our iconic Babcock packaging.


The ice cream is then stuffed into a freezer at a teeth-shattering 40 degrees below freezing to finalize its perfect consistency.

Step 9

Last, but far from least, we serve our delicious concoction to all of our loyal customers, newcomers, and everyone in between.

The observation deck to our new production plant will be back open so soon, come by and take a look at the process.