Kari Backes



Kari has been with the Babcock Dairy Store since August 2011.  Prior to that, she graduated from MATC with a degree in Graphic Arts.  Currently, she calls New Glarus, WI home.  Her favorite ice cream flavor is Peanut Butter Madness and she loves Dutch Kase when it comes to cheese.

Glenda Jones

Lead Worker

Glenda has over 17 years of experience working in the dairy store, beginning her time here in February 2003.  She lives just outside of Madison in Fitchburg, WI, but her hometown is Gary, Indiana. Believe it or not, she actually went to kindergarten with Michael Jackson! Her favorite Babcock ice cream flavor is Chocolate Peanut Butter and she swears by Brick cheese.

Tanya Kelsey

Assistant Manager

Tanya is from Odessa, Ukraine, and she has been working at the store for over a year now. She loves our Chocolate Chryst ice cream and our Dutch Kase cheese. And just like many others, her favorite Babcock memory is when Jared got locked in the freezer.


Signe Branham

Student Worker

Signe is a sophomore studying Food Science at UW-Madison. She’s from way up north in Bayfield, Wisconsin, and she’s been working at the store for a few months now. Since starting work, she has discovered her favorite ice cream flavor is Bec-Key Lime Pie and her favorite sandwich is the Mendota Club.

Europa Christoffel

Marketing Intern

Europa is a senior majoring in Communication Arts. She’s from Verona, Wisconsin, and she has been working for us for two years! Her favorite ice cream is our Salted Caramel Toffee, and her favorite Babcock memory is when Jared got locked in the freezer!

Jared Hanken

Student Worker

Jared is a junior at UW-Madison studying Forestry. Before coming to college, he spent six years building custom furniture! He has been working in the store for a year now, and he is a big fan of our Dutch Kase cheese. He also loves our classic strawberry ice cream so much, he managed to get himself locked in the freezer with it!

Ainsley Parvin

Student Worker

Ainsley is a sophomore here at UW-Madison, and she has been working at Babcock for a year now! Her favorite ice cream is torn between our feature flavor March on Leckrone and Cookies & Cream, but the Buckingham sandwich is no contest in her mind. She’s also very proud of the fact that THE DiGiorno Pizza follows her on Instagram.

Andy Waldron

Student Worker

Andy has been working for Babcock for over two years now, and he is in his senior year of college. He is a big fan of our ice cream flavor, Cookie Dough and our Monterey Jack w/ Garden Vegetable cheese. He calls Greendale, WI home, but here in Madison, he is pursuing a degree in Computer Science.