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Babcock’s 2023 Year in Review

October 2023

175 S’more Years and Cranniverscherry

Babcock Dairy produced 175 S’more Years, a custom ice cream flavor, honoring UW–Madison’s 175th anniversary in October, 2023.

The flavor is a chocolate-based ice cream with a marshmallow swirl and graham cracker crumble. It was produced for the first time on October 18 and will continue to be produced through June of 2024.

This flavor won in a public voting contest against three other flavors: Demi Semi Confetti, a cake batter ice cream with a strawberry swirl, cheesecake pieces and sprinkles; Demi-Semi-Sweet-Centennial, a chocolate ice cream with a fudge swirl and chocolate crunch; and Flamingos on the Hill, a pink strawberry ice cream with sprinkles and chocolate chips.

Scott Rankin, Food Science Department Chair and Professor, suggested the creation of a commemorative flavor for the 175th anniversary in the spring of 2023. The 175th Anniversary Planning Committee brought the idea to Babcock Dairy and developed a list of flavors for voting.

Nearly 8,500 members of the UW–Madison community voted in the flavor contest, and over 40% of voters selected 175 S’more Years.

Three students, Aaditya Mehta, Shubh Oswal and Aman Jain, assisted with the three-gallon production process.

To honor UW–Madison’s 175th anniversary, Babcock Dairy also produced a limited-edition cheese called Cranniverscherry.

Cranniverscherry is a Brick-style cheese with Wisconsin Rapids cranberries and Door County cherries. The cheese was released with 175 S’more Years on October 31, 2023, to the public and select retailers. 

The cheese was served at an exclusive event for campus donors on October 26. 

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